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Cremation, or incineration, is an alternative to burial. In this case, the body is placed in a wooden casket and burned. The ashes can then be buried or stored in a variety of different ways:


Each farewell is individual. We are available to help you make an appropriate decision and find the right place for your loved one.

Farewell ceremony as an urn burial

Several options are also available for the funeral ceremony.


Family and friends may choose to farewell the departed in the presence of the urn in the chapel of rest or, if finances are limited, beside the grave itself. An alternative to urn burial is to hold the farewell at the casket, just as for a burial. After the funeral ceremony, the casket is transported to the crematorium where it will be incinerated, usually the same day. The crematorium itself can also be used as a venue for the funeral ceremony.


Usually a few days later, the immediate family will then gather one last time at the final resting place to inter the urn in silence, without further ceremony.

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Reasons for cremation

Since time immemorial, cremation has been the dominant form of burial. This is partly due to environmental awareness, for cremation is a much more environmentally friendly option than burial. Another reason is the fear, shared by many, of leaving their body to rot beneath the earth – and so they choose cremation instead.

The cost of an urn burial is, moreover, somewhat less than that of an interment. What must also be taken into consideration in this context is the cost of caring for the grave: a cemetery is the most expensive option.

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Funeral planning

One option for saving the family any concern about expenses during their time of bereavement is to plan in advance, and thus relieve your relatives of a burden.


Often this burden is not just of a financial nature, but also a question of emotional responsibility, as the family do not always know which type of burial the deceased would have wanted.


A funeral plan safeguards both yourself and your loved ones.

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