death & grief

Death certificate

Death certificate Enquire now Provide now Checklist in the event of a death There are numerous things that need to be done in the event

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Bereavement counselling

Bereavement counselling Enquire now Provide now Different ways of griefing People and their relationships are all different, and so too are the manifestations of grief

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Bereavement support

Bereavement support Enquire now Provide now Dealing with death Like birth, death is an inescapable part of life. Fears and taboos mean that this subject

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Islamic burial

Islamic teachings recommend that the burial be conducted as soon as possible after death. Only burial in earth is permitted; cremation is forbidden by Islamic law.

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Orthodox burial

The various Orthodox Christian churches require the deceased to be buried, which is the only permissible funeral type owing to Orthodox belief in the hope of the resurrection.

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Jewish funeral

The vigil is an important element of the burial, where members of the community accompany the body of the deceased from the moment of death until it is laid in the earth.

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We take the time for your provisions

Our employees take the time to discuss all the options with you. Visit one of our locations or make an appointment for a home visit. Together we plan a funeral according to your ideas.