Death abroad: transport back to Germany

Bestattung Himmelblau will take care of transporting the body if a relative should die while abroad. For short distances, this will be done by car, while larger distances (e.g. overseas) will require air transport.


Death in Germany: transport abroad

If a family member should die in Germany and require transport abroad, Bestattung Himmelblau can organize transport of the body for you.


Transport within Germany

Bestattung Himmelblau are also available to help with transport within Germany.


Organize all required formalities

We will organize all the necessary measures, from contact with embassies to all required formalities. We have a modern fleet of vehicles suitable for transport both to and from other countries, as well as within Germany. In all these activities we focus on acting as respectfully, cost-effectively and quickly as possible.


We will support you in planning and carrying out any transport


A short selection of countries in which transport is possible:


Accidents – recoveries

We can also help you in situations where, for example, the criminal investigation department have already contracted a funeral home to recover the body of the deceased or to transport the body to the nearest cold storage facility (e.g. after an accident or accidental death with unclear cause of death). The funeral home contracted by the authorities is only responsible for transport. Afterwards, family members can come to us to arrange the next steps through Bestattung Himmelblau.