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The death of someone close to you often leads to a shocking, exceptional situation in which the loss has to be dealt with and numerous organizational steps have to be taken. We are at your side and will advise you on how to proceed.


It is important to us that everyone gets the funeral they want. Together with our team, you can plan a funeral according to your ideas.

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In case of interment, the deceased is buried in a coffin in a cemetery. Generally speaking, a solemn ceremony takes place prior to the burial. This ceremony can be organised according to the individual wishes of the bereaved.


Since prehistoric times, cremation has been the dominant form of burial throughout much of the world. One reason for this is our ever-increasing environmental awareness: although cremation consumes a considerable amount of energy, it is still better for the environment than a burial.

Frequently asked questions

Contact your usual doctor or the emergency services immediately. The death must be verified by an (emergency) doctor. Then the deceased must be inspected. Please note that prior to this inspection, no changes may be made to the body of the deceased!


Contact us immediately in order to get the next steps underway.

If the death occurs in a public hospital, your deceased relation will be taken to the local pathology facility and remain there until collected by your chosen funeral home. We recommend that you decide on a funeral home within five working days and arrange for this collection.

If the deceased is in a care facility, then collection by your chosen funeral home must in most cases occur on the day on which the body is released. In some private hospitals, too, the collection must be arranged very quickly.

Please contact us, and we will be happy to advise you regarding the next steps in the process.

If a person dies in a public location, the immediate family will be informed by the appropriate safety authority. The competent safety authority will also retrieve the body of the deceased from the place of death. We will be glad to explain to you where the deceased person has been taken and when you can expect the body to be released.

The competent certifying doctor will examine the deceased person and check for possible signs of life as well as definite signs of death. Based on the results of this examination, death will be conclusively verified. Those present will normally be asked about the circumstances surrounding the death, the deceased’s medical history and time of passing. Please have all relevant medical documents (reports, prescriptions etc.) available. After examination of the documents and associated information, the certifying doctor will determine the cause of death when he/she is completely certain of the death.If the cause of death cannot be determined of if there is some suspicion of external influence, then the inspection will cease and the deceased person must be examined by the Public Health Office or the City of Munich Police Department.

As soon as the certifying doctor has determined the cause of death and released the deceased for burial, and after submission of the or death certificate, you may arrange for collection of the deceased by the funeral home of your choice. We are available any day, at any time!