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Wendl-Dietrich-Straße 5, 80634 Munich

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+49 89 217037000 


Available 24 hours a day for emergencies.


Johanna Rosenberger
Funeral Professional
Manager & Consultant
Andreas Kyriakidis
Funeral Service

“I am very honored to manage the first location of Bestattung Himmelblau in Munich. In our branch, I would like to offer the people of Munich a place of trust and support during a challenging time and offer professional guidance in the event of a death or a funeral provision. To do this, I take the necessary time to respond to the individual needs of our customers.”

Johanna Rosenberger, Branch manager




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In case of interment, the deceased is buried in a coffin in a cemetery. Generally speaking, a solemn ceremony takes place prior to the burial. This ceremony can be organised according to the individual wishes of the bereaved.

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Since prehistoric times, cremation has been the dominant form of burial throughout much of the world. One reason for this is our ever-increasing environmental awareness: although cremation consumes a considerable amount of energy, it is still better for the environment than a burial.

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Natural burial

More and more people are opting for forms of burial that are close to nature. A natural burial is a beautiful idea to show pleasure to nature.

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Himmelblau Locations in Austria

Bestattung Himmelblau is the largest private funeral home in Austria and has 11 locations in Vienna.