planning a funeral

We will assist you in planning an interment

Bestattung Himmelblau are available to help you day and night in the event of a death, and will assist you in planning an interment.

We offer our advice with humanity, respect and tact, and are happy to answer your individual questions. Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss your situation.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the telephone number 089 217037000

Urgent grief counselling

When a bereavement occurs, we will take care of all the necessary steps and organise everything. So you will be able to focus on your emotional farewell and gradually regain your strength.

Many people who are grieving feel a pronounced need for quiet and will actually withdraw into themselves after the death of a relative. However, others find it helpful to return to their usual routine as soon as possible, meeting with friends and family members and carrying on with life as far as possible just as they did before the death. Periods of activity can replace periods of withdrawal, sometimes even quite suddenly. Getting out into nature, seeking a place of remembrance and other personal rituals can help in dealing with the emerging feelings of grief.

Most people have an innate ability to overcome sorrow successfully, whether quickly or over longer period of time. Do yourself a favour and take all the time you need. However, you should gradually try to look ahead and carry on with your life.

If you would like to talk, but don’t have anyone to talk with, or if you are feeling overwhelmed by grief and can’t seem to recover, then you should seek help. 


Affordable burial

We offer a flexible range of options at fair prices and will be happy to advise you with regard to alternatives such as burial, cremation or even tree burial.