Munich welfare funeral

Reducing the financial burden

When a death occurs, Bestattung Himmelblau are there to help, regardless of your income level. In principle, you are actually legally required to cover funeral expenses for your immediate family.


Sometimes it hardly seems possible. Relations with limited financial means may, in justified cases, be offered special conditions by Bestattung Himmelblau in an effort to make the financial burden more bearable. Naturally we will help you to organize the funeral according to your requirements and advise you as to how costs may be kept as low as possible.

We are happy to help!

We provide compassionate help and support in planning and meeting your special conditions for a meaningful and respectful farewell.


Alternative funeral types

Angel babies

Infants who die during pregnancy or at birth are known as “angel babies”. We will assist if you wish to hold a funeral ceremony in Munich for an angel baby, and we will keep the expenses of such a ceremony to a minimum.

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Urn Burial

Cremation, or incineration, is an alternative to burial. In this case, the body is placed in a wooden casket and burned.

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Urn at home

Many people find it easier to process their grief if they are able to remain close to the deceased, even after their death. In this case, you have the option of avoiding a funeral at the cemetery and keeping the urn at your home.

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